Founder and CEO of City Performance Coaching and Consulting, Daniel  Browne is a strategy consultant, business coach and trusted advisor.

Daniel started his career as an investment banker with Deutsche Bank before moving to Moody’s Investors service and later establishing himself as an independent consultant.

As an independent strategy consultant Daniel worked with Blue Chip companies such as Thomas Cook, Sainsbury’s and Virgin Media on business planning and corporate strategy as well as start ups and mid market companies.  For the past 7 years Daniel has specialised in Mergers & Acquisitions and commercial due diligence helping private equity companies to assess potential acquisitions and make strategic buying decisions; and advising mid sized companies on how to sell their businesses.

Daniel is also author of the best selling book, “The Energy Equation: how to be a top performer without burning yourself out” and coaches executives on how to increase the performance of their teams.



“For over 10 years I’ve helped companies buy, sell and evaluate business opportunities. Both on the acquirers side helping private equity companies ; as well as the buyers side advising on mergers and acquisitions and vendor due diligence

Over the years I noticed common issues that arose in the M&A process that were not really fixable during the short time frame there is for the sale of a company. If the company had addressed these issues one or two years in advance they would have made their lives easier and have gotten a better valuation.

While I enjoyed working in finance and consulting I wanted to make a bigger impact in helping business owners prepare their companies for sale. That’s what led me to the decision to set up City Performance Coaching to enable business owners.”