Most business owners wait too long to sell their business

Once they’ve decided to sell, appointed their M&A advisor and started the vendor due diligence process issues and complications often arise in the business that could have been resolved if they had started their sale preparation months earlier.

The consequence of these issues generally cause three things:

A) these issues need to be resolved in order to make the business attractive for sale – at a cost of time, money and attention from running the business

B) these issues will be used as a bargaining chip by an acquirer which could lead to you not getting the value you want from your business… or

C) even worse an exit could be aborted as the issues in your business mean you can’t reach an agreement with a buyer

By getting an assessment of your business in advance you have time to address the main issues, improve the track record of your business and get a better valuation


How we work

We work with the business owner, CEO and/or CFO to prepare the business for exit.  We work with business owners typically before they need to appoint an M&A advisor or in tandem with an advisor (when the scope of the engagement is over a longer period of time).  The ideal time to engage us is 12 – 24 months before start the sales process.  Our approach combines coaching, consulting and our knowledge of what makes private equity companies buy.

When you engage us we will take you on  4 stage process:

Strategy Session

The initial working session helps you to clarify what is the best exit strategy for your business, what are your key aims and what timing is best for you and your business

Company Diagnosis

Our team of consultants will conduct a review of your the business from the perspective of an acquirer to determine the key drivers of value in your business

Business Saleability Report

You will get a exit strategy report and action plan which provides a clear roadmap on what you need to address in your business to prepare your company for sale


Once you have your exit road map we work with you to guide you through the process of getting your business into exit readiness or we do it for you


To get started with you initial working session contact Daniel Browne here